The 2014 European Union Elections

May 2014 will see the elections to the European Parliament take place across Europe. The election represents one of our limited opportunities to engage in that democratic process and assert our views. To this end we would respectfully request that you make representation to your elected representatives in support of all shooting and make them aware of the strength of feeling that lawful firearms owners and users continually and unfairly find themselves under an unwarranted scrutiny and potential targets for attacks on liberty.

The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) and Firearms UK are cooperating on publicising the need for ALL shooters irrespective of what, where and when you shoot, and irrespective of your chosen shooting discipline be it competitive, sporting, target, practical, historic, re-enactment, collecting, anything and everything shooting, to consider their position with respect to their support for shooting when exercising their vote at these upcoming elections. It would be particularly nice to see Distributors and Retailers who have an interest in increasing business turnover and growth come off the fence and get involved too?

As a result of the consultation exercise carried out by the Commission of the EU during 2013 regarding the focus on firearms and how to combat their unlawful acquisition and use Commissioner Cecelia Malmström has declared an intention to revisit the 1991 European Union Firearms Directive during 2014 as Director General for Home Affairs. Firearms UK wish to draw your attention to this event and ask you consider the likely outcomes when considering your presentation to your elected representatives.

Below are links provided by Firearms UK to help with locating your particular representatives.

This link is to the BASC Web Site which you may also respond via if you wish;

We all lead such busy lives in this modern age and finding time to respond to such consultations is often difficult. We would actively encourage every shooter to take a few minutes to formulate and submit their own opinion in support of all shooting irrespective of discipline or pursuit. To aid and facilitate this we have produced two draft texts which are available to copy and paste as the body of text of a letter to an MEP and, or MP to express your dismay and suggest that it may influence your voting intention, the latter being the one thing that may focus a Politicians mind?

As mentioned earlier we provide here a link to the “Write to Them” website where all elected members contact details can be found, and the link to the Parliamentary site where similarly contact details are available.

Here is the link to the text to help with writing to your MEP, please copy and paste at your discretion.

Here is the link to the text to help with writing to your MP, please copy and paste at your discretion.

This is YOUR opportunity to show your unequivocal support for ALL UK shooting and have your say,
please write to them and let them know we care and we vote!

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