Looking to the future

Well 2020 has drawn to a close. What can I say its been a pretty rubbish year all round hasn’t it? People have struggled with their businesses being force to close perhaps forever, people have struggled not seeing family and friends, people have had a lot of freedom removed.(Perhaps now they get a taste of what it’s like being a firearms owner). All the while many more sheeple bleet that is not enough and further lockdowns and restrictions should be brought in because of al the “selfish” people who want to live a normal life. Of course completely ignoring their own selfishness in wanting everyone else to stay at home when they could easily do so themselves if they are so scared. It has highlighted just how incapable so many people are of taking personal responsibility, indeed the idea seems to scare the crap out of them. It’s been food for thought.

In addition to that obviously because of the restrictions a lot of us will have missed out on our shooting this year.

We have also seen the compensation arrangements and theft of the MARS/lever release rifles(isn’t it funny compensating us with our own money, if politicians had to pay for it themselves they might think twice).

I hope everyone who had to surrender their property gave it a good custom paint job #paintitpink

We have seen the consultation termed Offensive Weapons Bill 2.0 which appears to be going after .50 cal, airguns and .22 miniature rifle ranges. This of course is on going at this time.

During this time I’ve been watching social media, as mentioned it is apparent that far too many members of the public do not cherish individual freedom, but also that the shooting community continues to be divided and suffers from poor communication.

I’ve witnessed shooters gloating about the MARS ban, “who needs ’em” , “gun nuts” the irony of them using the same arguments against fellow shooters that the anti gun lobby will use against them clearly lost on them.

I’ve seen other shooters completely unaware of it despite it being going on for a considerable period. Despite it being talked about in groups, despite some organisations mentioning it it seems many are still out the loop.

I’ve seen some more……shall we say passionate individuals (perhaps from overseas) say people shouldn’t conform to the law and surrender which I am afraid is just a ridiculous suggestion and easy for people to say from the comfort of their computers screens and without and risk of repercussions themselves as they are not certificate holders. Whilst yes there could be a moral argument to peacefully refuse to surrender your property, the harsh reality is you would be faced with the full force of the state from armed police visits and the lose of your freedom. It simply is not worth dying for or losing your freedom and livelihood. As mentioned we live in a nation where people are generally ignorant of a great many things yet hold strong opinions, as mentioned people want the state to rob them of their freedom. The idea there would be any sympathy from the public to is ridiculous. Which is why the #paintitpink campaign was so important, it was a way to register our protest peacefully and with a bit of humour.

All this is in the past now, and it has indeed got me thinking to the future more than ever. We are fighting a losing battle protecting private firearms ownership, all the obstacles mentioned above are very real and as I have mentioned in previous years the only way to change it is to change public opinion before it is too late.

How do we do that?

Well it isn’t going to be easy, it of course involves a bit of debate and discussion online, but most importantly we need to stop biding in the shadows as much, we need to introduce people to shooting, we need to invest in our clubs, we need to expand in our clubs, we need to make full use of every tool we can. Now granted this is not easy with all the regulations and paper work but this is the only way.

If you believe in firearms ownership, then join a club. Don’t spend your time online complaining about the laws, JOIN A CLUB, invite your friends. Get involved. Expand the community so that it (to use a trendy buzzword) more diverse. Get younger people involved

It is the only way.

So in 2021 I would expect every supporter and follower we have to make it their resolution to either join a club or get a friend to join a club.

If we can increase numbers, we can increase our diversity, we can modernise, we can achieve change, and I don’t use these terms in the PC modern way that refers to all the perpetually entitled or offended but to ordinary people of all backgrounds, colours and creeds who work hard, pay their taxes and want to find an enjoyable hobby. No matter who or what you are, if you believe in freedom, if you are a good person and have good banter you’ll find a home in the shooting community so get involved.

Currently we are around >1% of the population. Can you imagine the difference it would make if we doubled in number each year for 5 years? That would be 16% of the population. Enough to make a difference in some areas and perhaps get the change we need.

Will you do it?

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