Our friends at all4shooters.com


all4shooters.com is an international website dedicated to sport shooters and hunters under the umbrella of the German publisher VS Medien.

Their website is published in four languages: English, German, Italian and Russian.

all4shooters.com collect valuable information for gun enthusiasts in all countries, such as:

  • News about the latest products presented at the big international Trade Shows like SHOT SHOW in the US, the new HIT SHOW in Italy or IWA in Germany
  • Firearms, pistols, rifles for hunting and sport shooting including the “right” ammunition
  • Optics and optical devices for all kind of firearms including tactical products
  • All kind of gear for shooters and hunters – accessories, technical devices, apparel
  • Previews, editorial tests, videos about products and about our passions shooting and hunting
  • Political topics and legal issues – to protect the rights of gun owners.

Their latest news-collections and image galleries from the big trade-shows:

“We have highest respect for the work of Firearms UK, also being part of an international interest group. Let’s fight together for our rights, but let’s never forget that we all want to have fun too.” – all4shotters.com.


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