Police – Where to complain

As you know we encourage members of the shooting community to challenge inaccurate reporting by the media and have produced a guide on how to raise complaints here.

Unfortunately, at times, the Police themselves are just as bad.  Comments attributed to Police Officers that have the potential to negatively influence the public’s view of responsible, safe shooters who comply with the law need to be challenged.  Simple things such as referring to “firearms” when perhaps they should state “illegal firearms”.  As we know legally held firearms and their owners are not a problem but we appear to be tarred with the same brush as those using guns for criminal purposes.

So, we have compiled details, websites and email addresses, of where individuals can raise complaints against statements made by Police Officers belonging to particular Forces.

As with the biased and inaccurate reporting in the media we encourage you to challenge statements attributed to the Police that paint legal shooting activities in a bad light.

Let’s make ourselves heard!

Police Force Complaints Links

Note: We would advise against raising complaints regarding licensing issues without first speaking with your shooting insurance provider.


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