What Is Airsoft?

An article kindly provided by Chris giving us a little more information on airsoft, what it is and how you can get involved.

What is Airsoft?

Most might know but many don’t. For those that do it might be a refresh on the sport, but for those  that don’t its a snap shot in to what it is. I will be also posting in the future, on the topics people are talking about in the Airsoft industry.  Such as rules and reg on Buying and selling RIF’s, UKARA, UKAPU, what the players are talking about and what is Hot right now.

A niche sport played widely across the world, played with replica equipment of the world’s armed forces, well know computer games, fictional movie’s, and many more. Involves player to player tagging (similar to Paint-ball but with 6mm non-metal BBs instead of the larger paint-ball). Airsoft is considered more realistic than paint-ball using RIFs (Replica Imitation Firearms) versus a paint-ball marker. It is also less powerful so once you are covered up, you won’t be left with bruises or marks! ( I would say there is pictures to prove otherwise!) Airsoft can be played with mesh masks instead of glass lens which means your mask doesn’t fog! (select products)


Definition of Airsoft Equipment

Airsoft equipment takes the form of highly detailed and accurate replicas of real-world firearms which can propel a light, low velocity, plastic spherical projectile by means of many different mechanisms such as, Spring/Bolt Action, Electric and Air (HPA/CO2.)



These Airsoft devices most often use a 6mm plastic (or other biodegradable substance) round weighing between 0.20/ .45gm which is accelerated either by electric motor or gas charge and travels between different velocities depending upon the weapon and the legal limit for that particular weapon.

  • Pistols can fire single shot up to 350FPS
  • AEG/Gas Blow back can fire up to 350FPS
  • DMR(Single shot only) 400FPS
  • Sniper Rifle can fore up to 500 FPS) but with a minimum engagement range of 10m

All guns should be tested and chronographed on 0.20g BBs so its consistent across the board.

Airsoft Venues

Airsoft Venues always have what is called a “safe zone”. In this area every Airsoft device must be switched to “safe” and the magazine removed before entry. This ensures that no accidents can take place in the presence of people who may not be wearing their eye protection.

Every gun is chorographed before the start of the game to see what it is firing at. If it is over the site/gun limit, then this will not be allowed to be used!

Finally, all Airsoft games and venues, like Paintball, have marshals operating within the play area. The purpose of this is to make sure that the rules of the game are followed (eliminated players leaving the play area, etc) and that the safety rules are adhered to. Marshall’s also provide an additional layer of safety in that, should the worst happen, and a player is injured, the game can be stopped immediately, and the injured party can be safely and quickly removed from the play area and given whatever appropriate first aid or medical attention is required.

Commonly asked questions…

1. Must I have my own gear, be part of a team or join a club to play Airsoft?

No is the simple answer.  Anyone over a set age limit(normally 18) can buy a 2 tone gun.  Meaning the gun is sprayed 52% a bright colour other than black.

The other option is to hire a gun from the site you play.  Majority of sites offer a hire package with gun, face mask, goggles, ammo and speed loader.

The other equipment you can buy your self, such as gloves, ammo, vests etc.

2. You never know when you’re hit, unlike paintball which leaves very obvious splats?

You’ll know alright, but Airsoft is a “game of honour” and the onus is on the player to shout ‘hit’ and re-spawn (lose a life and renter the game). But the more equipment you wear, sometimes the harder it is to know you have been hit.
Field and Player marshals monitor the fairness of the game,

4.  Is Airsoft is expensive?

Like any sport there is a range of equipment available to choose from, most retailers offer start up packages to get you up and running from as little as £250, you can always buy a rifle and build from there.

5. Are Airsoft guns the same as Air guns and BB guns?

Essentially you will need to play the same site 3 times over a 60 day period, to gain a UKARA no.  This allows you to then legally buy all black guns.

I have seen and played with people that have spent £400 on all kit and then players that have spent £20k on equipment.  The sport is as cheap or as expensive as you or your pockets want it to be!

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