You Don’t NEED Your Gun – You WANT it


A little bit of a rant here folks.

I’ve been observing some debates amongst UK gun owners on various Facebook groups and it leaves me with great concern. I noticed some people talking about certain types of firearms and saying they don’t think anyone “needs” that type of gun.

It seems some people still unfortunately do not get it. Why do some shooters still say they don’t think anyone NEEDs a handgun, a semi auto shotgun, a “military style” (whatever that is) rifle and so on.

They need to stop and have a good think for a minute because if you are going to talk about need then we better ask ourselves how many gun owners in the United Kingdom NEED their guns?

You don’t NEED to clay shoot, You don’t NEED to target shoot and you don’t NEED to shoot game unless you are on the verge of starvation.

The only genuine NEEDs are people who carry out pest control, deer management or personal protection (mostly NI and on rare occasions in the UK for those trusted by the state)

Those in favour of gun control don’t care if you NEED a gun or not, they don’t care how you justify it, they are probably actually happy for you to sell others out as it makes their job easier.

The fact is we are all gun owners, we shouldn’t have to state a “need”. We are law abiding people and in a country that apparently operates on presumed innocence why should we have to prove anything?

The next time you state that you don’t think someone NEEDs “x” type of gun think about if you really NEED yours.

You have it because you like guns and you want to shoot, it’s nothing to be ashamed off, it’s not weird, it’s not abnormal and it certainly doesn’t make you a criminal.

Stand up, be proud and support each other. If you don’t we will all fall.

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