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Antique Firearms

A popular past time for firearms enthusiasts is simply buying firearms and related paraphernalia, like many hobbies its nice to collect pieces of equipment, or make displays, this is especially true with antique firearms.

The Law

Section 58 Exemption for 1968 Firearms Act

CPS on Antique Firearms


ROA Antique Firearms

Paintball Guns / Markers

Paintball is a competitive sport where contestants use paintball guns to fire a cartridge of dye called a paintball at their opponents. It is a game which can be played individually on in teams. The sport is enjoyed casually and recreationally both indoors and outdoors and is also recognized as an official sport with teams, leagues and there are competitions held worldwide.

Fore more information about the game of Paintball we recommend the following the video, and at the end of this page you will find a collection of website links related to paintball.

Paintball Guns, also known as Paintball Markers are produced in various styles to accommodate those interested in tournament play or fast past games and those who are after a more realistic look and fell, as maybe the case with a woodland variant of the game. To see examples of various paintball guns we recommend the following YouTube video.


Deactivated Firearms

A deactivated firearm is one in which as undergone a conversion process so that it will no longer fire. Deactivation is intended to be permanent, where reactivation cannot be done without specialist tools or skills. Within the UK deactivation work must be authorized by a proof house, where a certificate of deactivation is granted if successful. The requirements for a proofed deactivation where increased in Octorber 2005, as the extract bellow from Arundel Militaria shows.

Deactivated firearms that have been proofed do not require a firearms licence and are legal within the UK.

Old and New Spec Deactivation


D & B Militaria
Arundel Militaria
Graham Currie Militaria
BOCN Forums

Blank Firing Firearms

A blank gun is a gun designed to only allow the firing of black cartridges, and will not allow the firing of a projectile, although blanks can discharge hot gasses and fragments of the casing or substance used to crimp the opening where the bullet would sit on a standard cartridge. There are several well known uses for blank guns, or standard firearms that have can be used for the purpose of firing blank cartridges. These include, military training, The T.A being a famous example, blank guns are also popular as starting pistols and are used by reenactment groups and in the film industry.


Blank Firing Guns
Blank Guns – Restricted and Safety Information

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