Who Am I? Sheree

The next firearms enthusiast to feature in “Who am I?” is Sheree, we would like to thank Sheree for taking the time to participate in our Who Am I? initiative. If you would like to feature in this series please send us an email.


Tell us about yourself?

Sheree, age 23 I’m originally from London and now moved to Cardiff in with my fiancé, getting married in August after the Commonwealth games.

I work as a chiropractic assistant in London and when I moved to Cardiff found the same job in optimal chiropractic Cardiff.


How did you get into shooting?

I got into shooting through my Dad, Grandfather and great Grandfather who all shot for Great Britain domestically. I asked my dad where he went every Friday night with a big silver box, when I was 12. I went along and tried rifle and pistol and liked the more expensive one…..rifle. I had to wait until I was 13 as these were the club rules. I quickly joined Middlesex county team, shooting for Heston and Hounslow rifle club. I went on to shoot for Great Britain junior squad then Great Britain senior squad even though I was still a junior.

What type of shooting do you currently participate in/List of achievements?

Major achievements I won silver in Sydney Youth Olympic Festival, gold and bronze in Youth Commonwealth Games in India, came 7th in Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010

I use a Feinwerkbau 800 and a Walther Anatomic kk00 .22 rifle for 50m ladies 3×20 and prone rifle.

Take Aim

Do you see yourselves taking up any other form of shooting in the future?

I would love to try clay pigeon but cannot afford to injure my shoulders as so heavily involved in my Small-bore shooting.

How important is shooting to you/how has it helped you as a person?

Shooting is very important to me, it is a sport that has developed me as a person and taught me great discipline, determination and has allowed me to see many parts of the world and meet some lovely friends as far away as New Zealand. Friends whom I still keep in contact with now on social media sites. I use it in my day to day activities, like in a stressed situation my breathing suddenly goes to the breathing patterns I use in shooting of calm and very deep, to help calm and gather my thoughts. It has also taught me time management, organisation and taught me if you don’t ask you won’t know.

Would you recommend shooting as a sport for young people? If so why?

I would recommend shooting for young people as it teaches them to respect firearms and how to use them safely, it also gets young people achieving things and meeting/making new friends. It is a sport for everyone, from the blind and disabled to the able-bodied and elderly.

Cool, Calm and Collected

Cool, Calm and Collected


What has been the best shooting experience for you so far?

My best experience was walking out at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi as part of team England for the opening ceremony. Seeing myself on T.V recordings when I got home and hearing the roar of the crowd was amazing! I really enjoyed it and learned so many things from that trip let alone the Games.

What other hobbies/interests do you have?

Other hobbies include wedding planning, fashion sketching, gym, I like to think I can play tennis (but I can’t)

Sheree will be competing in the Glasgow Commonwealth Games for team England under Ladies Air Rifle and Ladies 3×20 event. Sheree is seeking sponsorship to help fund her sporting career. You can visit Sheree’s website at www.shereecox.co.uk where you can find more information

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