Who Am I? Alexy

Who Am I? Alexy

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Hi Alexy, tell us about yourself?

I am almost 40. I work in IT and I live to the east of London.

How did you get into shooting? 

My uncle was a hunter and a police officer. When I was a kid he showed me all his shotguns, rifles and his pistol. He showed me how ammunition is reloaded, what sits inside a shotgun cartridge and generally introduced me to firearms and he also showed me hunting but I knew it was not my cup of tea. Just a few years ago I thought about taking up shooting as a sport and I realised what was missing in my life.

Who Am I? Alexy

What type of shooting do you currently participate in?

I love all things that go bang. I take part in long distance shooting, clays, gallery rifles and just waiting for my FAC variation so I can shoot practical shotgun more often.

Do you see yourself taking up any other form of shooting in the future?

Of course. I would like to give 3-gun a go but that would require repealing the handgun ban.

Who Am I? Alexy

How important is shooting to you?

It is very important to me. I’d say it’s quite high on my priorities list behind my family as it always comes first. I am very lucky to have kids who love shooting so I do not have to choose whether to spend my free time at the range or with the family as I can have both.  

What has been the best shooting experience for you so far?

Every single one and I really mean it. I loved every day I spent at a shooting range, training, competing, in a scorching sun or pouring rain. Every shooting day is an experience to remember.

Who Am I? Alexy   

What other hobbies/interests do you have?

I also play mag fed paintball, ride motorbikes, take photos and travel when possible.


What changes to firearms law would you like to see in the future?

I would love to see pistols back and also allowing them for self-defence as police are not able to protect us. They react quickly but that is not fast enough and they cannot be everywhere at all times. We are the only ones who can protect ourselves 24/7

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