Target Shooting

You can take part in target shooting with almost any firearm; air, muzzle-loading, rimfire and centrefire rifles and pistols. The sport requires self-discipline, concentration and self-control. It’s open to both able bodied people and disabled people. We even have acoustic shooting teams in the UK for the blind or visually impaired which really does show how open the sport is to those of all abilities.


The majority of the time, target shooting is conducted within a Club and they very often have equipment available for the members to use. So, you don’t need to have an FAC to take part, though you will usually need to be a member of the club rather than just a visitor.


Each club will have different maximum velocities which will restrict you to certain calibres and/or require you to download ammunition. It’s important to find out what the maximum is and to adhere to the rules of that club. A popular calibre is .22LR as it is cheap to purchase and is suitable for most ranges.


Clubs will differ in the distances available. You will often find greater distances in outdoor ranges as opposed to indoor ranges. They could start at as little as 10m and go up to 1000s of yards. It’s important to find a club which suits the rifles you shoot.


If you’re looking for your local club, please have a look in our Where to Shoot directory.


There are various regional and national competitions you can take part in. Some are done from the comfort of your own club’s range whilst others take part in specific ranges around the country and require travel. Yes, you could even become an Olympian if you’re good enough!

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